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Mobile App - Cybersecurity

Phase Consulting

Coming Soon!

Cybersecurity awareness solution for EVERYONE

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Features to keep you ENGAGED

  • Mobile Training App

  • Micro-learning (3 to 5 min lessons)

  • Personalized learning

  • Built-In Assessments

  • Up-to-Date Cyber News Reporting

  • Gamification and Badging

  • Progress Tracking and Reporting

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Here's what you will LEARN

  • What is "Cybersecurity" and why should it matter to me? 

  • What are these "Cyber" terms that everyone uses? 

  • What are the most prevalent cyber threats and how can I recognize them? 

  • Who is committing these cybercrimes? 

  • Who are the victims, how are they targeted, and why? 

  • Why are some industries a target for cybercriminals? 

  • How can I understand all the data that's out there on cybercrimes? 

  • How can I prevent myself from becoming a victim and what happens if I am? 

  • How do I develop lifelong skills in this area and become a good digital citizen? 

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More LEARNING and FEATURES coming soon! 

  • Additional Cybersecurity features  

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion features

  • Phase University eLearning Portal Access

  • Additional Animation features 

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