All Hands In

"You think it's about policy, we know it's about culture change."

Effects of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity Students

Course Material Promotes

Awareness and strategies for identifying gaps in diversity

Identifying obstacles preventing diversity

Techniques that can be used personally and professionally to increase diversity and create a culture of inclusiveness

Support Group

Who Benefits

Everyone:  Because this affects everyone!

Educational Institutions: (High Schools/Colleges/Adult Continued Ed Programs, eLearning Institutions)​

Professional Entities: (Non-Profit, Law Enforcement Agencies, HealthCare Facilities, Humane Service Centers, Government Agencies, Corporate America)  ​

Informal Education: (Museums, Nature Reserve/Wildlife Conservation Facilities)   ​

College Students

Why Is It Important?

Individual- how it affects a person of diversity 

Group- how it affects people as they live and interact together 

Company- how it affects people as they work together  ​

Local Impact- how diversity impacts the community either positively or negatively  ​

Worldly Impact- how it affects interactions/transactions with people of the world  ​

Accessibility- resources, entrances & exits, etc.

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DEI 6 Step Program Implementation Plan