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Leadership & Development
Our Approach

Our leadership and development course is strategically designed to increase individual confidence, comprehension, and competency. The skills developed to enhance the learner’s ability to collaboratively work with others, communicate effectively with subordinates, promote a positive support system, and lead by example.  The training course draws upon personal and professional observations and experiences, in conjunction with best practices and research to identify the best methods to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skillsets. 


We work closely with your team to outline the needs that will guide your long-term vision, and we support the journey with change management strategies.


We advise you on both individual and team change-management strategies and make sure all voices are heard in order to foster accountability and encourage change throughout the organization.


We help you measure employees’ attitudes and behaviors, delivering a data-rich fact base that describes your current state that translates into measurable goals.


Our expertise is grounded by our own track record as well as the experiences of internal and external partners and practitioners.

The Effects of Leadership & Development Training

Diversity Students

Course Material Promotes

Awareness and strategies for identifying gaps in cybersecurity awareness.

Identifying obstacles preventing cybersecurity awareness.

Techniques that can be used personally and professionally to increase cybersecurity awareness and create a culture of responsibility and communication.

Support Group

Who Benefits

Everyone:  Because this affects everyone!

Educational Institutions: (High Schools/Colleges/Adult Continued Ed Programs, eLearning Institutions)​

Professional Entities: (Non-Profit, Law Enforcement Agencies, HealthCare Facilities, Humane Service Centers, Government Agencies, Corporate America)  ​

Informal Education: (Museums, Nature Reserve/Wildlife Conservation Facilities)   ​

College Students

Why Is It Important?

Individual: how it affects individuals professionally and personally.

Group: how it affects people as they interact with the technology ecosystem. 

Company: how it affects the entire organization and it's profitability and success.

Local Impacthow leadership and development impacts the community either positively or negatively.  ​

Worldly Impact: how it affects the world economically, socially, logistically,  and politically.


The percentage of U.S. companies and organizations that anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next 5 years.


Only 19% of organizations say that they are effective in developing leaders.


Only 5% have fully implemented leadership development training and programs at all levels of their organization.


More money is spent annually on leadership development than any other area of corporate learning yet 71% of companies feel that their current leaders are able to lead their organization into the future.

Source: Infopro Learning

Leadership & Development Training Agenda

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