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Phase University Learning Portal

Our eLearning platform, Phase University provides organizations and learners numerous opportunities to build the skills needed to lead and manage others, strengthen individual performance, as well as increase business results. We are offering courses from Professional Leadership, Cybersecurity, Diversity and Inclusion, Computer Literacy, Financial Literacy and so much more!  

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Pricing Model


Monthly All-Access

This is a monthly subscription-based plan that offers access to all the courses in our catalog.  Once you pay the monthly fee, you can register for as many courses as you require.
Monthly All-Access: 

On a Tablet

On-Demand Pricing

This plan offers access to any course in our catalog and you will be charged for individual courses.  Prices on individual courses may vary depending on the course length and depth of the topic.
$3.99 to 39.99

Creative Working

Enterprise License

If you are a small team, large organization, or a community of learners, we offer special pricing based on your needs and the number of learners.  If you are interested in this option or are interested in an option that is not listed here please contact us. 

Phase Consulting uses TalentLMS to guide corporations to their training solution. Our consultants will help you get started today!


Phase University Overview

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